Interview with author LeTeisha Newton

Today’s guest is multi-published, multi-genre author LeTeisha Newton.

LeTeisha Newton is the author of thirteen novels, Baile, Stolen Warrior, Assassin’s
, Caged Heart, Melt Me, Shifter Heat, Aphrodite’s
, A Wolf Like Mine, Theirs to Claim, The Fire of His Claim, Murder
By Ritual
, Howl at the Moon, and Instinct.
As a Goodreads, NightReading, Amazon, Kindle, Sony, and
Diesel author, LeTeisha has begun to reach out to fans. She began writing long
before she ever thought about publishing. Thanks to an amazing teacher, that
kept telling her to STOP reading in class, she decided to go further than she
ever thought possible with her writing. Baile,
her premier novel, is the only one written in the first person, and, at times,
her go-to novel for inspiration. As a mother herself, LeTeisha truly felt the
way Yfel did about doing anything for one’s children, go to any lengths, and
smile at the end. She enjoys hearing from her fans
Welcome, LeTeisha. Please tell us
about Howl at the Moon.
Howl at the Moon is a book about a woman who’s been in
love with her boss for over three years. Tatiana has wasted away on the wayside
in her love, but finally reaches out to claim her fantasy. When they share a
moment of passion, however, the reality isn’t all that she thought it would be
and she’s relegated to friends with benefits. She’s not happy with the way
things are going and thinks that all is lost. But an angel has a different view
of things and sends her a little help to catch her man. After Clyde, her boss,
finds out that he’s a werewolf and that Tatiana is his mate, he has to do as
much work to get her back as Tatiana has to do to claim him.
What inspired you to write this book?
My former
hairdresser, my cousin Rubin Scott who passed away earlier this year, inspired this
book. He could make a match out of anyone, and wondered what would happen if
someone had the God-given gift to do just that. I created the story around him,
and now it looks like I’ll be writing five more novels in the series!
stuck another spoonful of Gold Medal Ribbon ice cream into her mouth in veg-out
mode, complete with scruffy green socks, purple tights, and a white tank top.
So, she was majorly color clashing. She didn’t care. Add to it her very messy
bun balancing haphazardly on her head and she was about as far from model
perfect as she could get. Of course, that was the whole stupid point. She knew
who she was. She was this girl, right now, who didn’t care about perfection and
designer clothes. Who didn’t give a crap about being the crème de la crème. Not
because she couldn’t afford it, because she knew there was no point. She wasn’t
some Pollyanna, of course. She knew she was pretty. She was okay with that. She
was comfortable with herself.
was just mad as hell that God put in her path a man who she knew she could
never get. That was a bitch, to say the least. It was time for another mouthful
of ice cream. She started walking past the front door after leaving the kitchen.
She was headed to her living room and a nice night of CSI: marathon watching. Midstride, she stopped because of a knock
on her door.
is it?”
you open up, please, it’s cold out here. Nothing like a random cold front in
South Texas.”
Tatiana asked as she opened the door, shocked to see the queen on her doorstep.
Still in her all black outfit with the startling silver heels, she had added a
smart peacoat with the collar turned up around her face. Her hair was twisted
up into an artful messy bun.
that is just wrong,” Tatiana groaned, thinking of her own hair.
“I bet
you did your hair in five seconds and made mine look like a nine-year-old did
could teach you how to do it, but we’ll need a mirror. Going to invite me in?”
Coco asked, rubbing her gloved hands together.
come on in. It’s not that cold outside, Coco.”
if I have a peacoat on, the gloves come too. Accessories, love, accessories
make the outfit.”
suppose you’re right. Let me take your coat.” Coat securely deposited in the
hall closet, Tatiana went into the kitchen to deposit her comfort ice cream in
the freezer again. She sighed. So much for that.
it with us into the bathroom, Tatiana. A girl can never turn down ice cream.
Just get another spoon.”
“I can’t
believe I let you in my house,” Tatiana thought aloud. “Wait a minute. How did
you even know where I lived?”
step at a time, chickapea. Where’s your bathroom?”
asked you a question, Coco.”
don’t get smart with me. I came to help you. Have a little faith. You went
running out of my store crying a storm. In my book, that means you need help.
Has the world gotten so bad people can’t look out for one another anymore? You
want to frisk me for weapons?”
What exciting story are you working on
My next
novel, Instinct, will be out July
12th. It’s a shape shifter novel with a little but if a twist. What if we created them to survive our apocalypse
and then hunted them down to near extinction when we finished surviving? Could
love happen between a human and a shifter then? Would anyone even try?
When did you first consider yourself a
I think I
kind of always have been. When I was in school my English teachers would tell
me to not read so much, not to write such long papers. Odd coming from an
English teacher, but completely true. Later an English teacher told me to write
a completely fictitious piece in about fifteen hundred words. It ended up being
a book. She edited it for me and I put it on the shelf. She told me then it was
the worst mistake I’d ever made, but then again, at thirteen I didn’t listen
much to adults. I published Baile,
that old, dirty manuscript after I turned twenty. I guess she was right.
Do you write full-time? If so, what’s
your work day like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find
time to write?
I seem to
have an on and off love affair with writing full time. I’m a mom, and a
student. I find that people can keep you pretty busy when they think you just
stay at home and write all day. They don’t realize how much work you really do.
They’ve seen me write a book in a weekend, so I supposed I’ve helped that
misunderstanding along. When I work I find I have more time to write, and then
I have so many stories pile up in my head that my job begins to interfere.
Currently I write full-time. When my son is asleep mommy writes, when he’s
awake, mommy doesn’t. It seems to work out so far.
What would you say is your interesting
writing quirk?
I love the
idea of recording my novels and then transcribing then when it’s done. Can I
tell you now that I have about five books recorded that haven’t been
transcribed? I didn’t realize how much work it is to do dictation! Oh well.
It’s still one of my quirks because for every book I don’t transcribe I have
one that I do.
As a child, what did you want to be
when you grew up?
I wanted to
be choreographer. I love making up dances and teaching others. I didn’t know
that word until I was a little older but that’s what I loved. I still do
choreography though for youth groups so I guess I succeeded in a way.
Anything additional you want to share
with the readers?
I have a
wide variety of novels. I love writing fantasy, romance, paranormal, erotica,
or urban fantasy. You really can find something up your alley with my name on
it. Don’t be afraid to take a look. Life is a story. How will yours read?

Thanks, LeTeisha!

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