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Don’t Sing Anymore
April Williams
About The Author:
Williams was born in Bainbridge, Georgia in August of 1974. The
fourth child born to her mother, a fieldworker and a father, a brick
mason. When she was just a toddler, her mother relocated the family
to Florida and settled in the All-American city of South Miami. April
attended all the local schools including Miami-Dade Community

was an active volunteer in her community. For years working on
programs including the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Annual
Celebrations, and many South Miami Community Outreach Gospel
Programs. Along with her writing, singing she has always been a
passion. She was one of the founding members for the Miracle Voice

years ago, her pen was her way of escaping some of the hard times she
has faced. She discovered that she could live victoriously and help
others by writing about her experiences, triumphs and pains. April’s
writing brings concrete reality to the issues within the 21st Century
world. She exhorts and motivates her readers to remain constant and
dedicated to their passions.

Self-Published at CreateSpace
Date: July 29, 2012
Gibbs is a young woman who works in the cotton fields of Fowlstown,
Georgia. She has had three failed relationships all producing
offspring.  She only now wants to concentrate on finding a
better life for her young family. But her circumstances quickly
change when Keith Anderson, May’s father, result to terrifying acts
of violence. She is now forced to leave and find a new life in the
big city of Miami, Florida.
Anderson is a war veteran who vows to be with Josie at all cost. But
the demons of war he has in his mind continue to haunt him. He hasn’t
had a peaceful night of sleep in spite of his addiction. His life
spirals out of control when his dreams manifest to reality and will
cost him everything.
Gibbs is their daughter who will struggle with the effects of
physical and sexual abuse. The path she walks is full of pain and
leads her to live a joyless life. What can be done to save this
creature that seemed to be doomed from the day she was born?
Don’t Sing Anymore is a story of a family who battle through all of
life’s circumstances. We don’t always know our path in life but
we do have a say in how we get to live it. A heartbreaking tale
drenched with every kind of emotion you can imagine.
Chapter Eleven

was so excited that John was going to be stopping by before he headed
back up to the base. She chose to put on a white sundress that draped
so beautifully below her shoulders. She had her hair up in a ponytail
that made her look younger. The children were outback playing with
Peeps. Josie was excited when she heard the knock on the door. She
opened the door to find John standing there in his uniform. The first
thing John did was to pick her up in a strong bear hug and plant a
nice big kiss on her lips. John was excited just to hold her
again. Josie moved away from John as Mrs. Freda appeared in the
living room. “Mom, this is Mr. John Flenn. Mrs. Freda did not
hesitate to shake his hand. She walked over to her rocking chair and
picked up the snuff can. She used to spit out her tobacco. Mrs. Freda
sat quiet for a moment before she decided to ask John some questions.
Mr. Flenn where are your people from?” she asked.
we are originally from Attapulgus, but my father lived in Tennessee
for a while.
does he do now?” she asked
is a retired Lieutenant from the Air Force.” He said.
most of the men in your family military?” she asked
we can trace our history back to the Civil War” he said.
I think that is just fine.” Mrs. Freda said,
you, my father was part of the Tuskegee Airmen.,” he said.
that right?” she said.
gave John a great big smile. She did not know he had a long line of
military men in his family. John picked up her hand to hold in his
hand.  He wanted to hold her so much, right now.
Flenn would you like some sweet tea?” Mrs. Freda asked.
would be just great Mrs. Gibbs.,” he said.
soon as she got up out of rocking chair a loud knock on the door.
Josie got up to open the door. She was shocked to see the man
standing there in a Sunday morning suit.
Josie.” Keith said.
just did not know what to do. She did not know whether to slam the
door or just say come in. Mrs. Freda recognized the voice right away.
Keith stepped inside the door without an invite. Josie nervously
closed the door behind him. John stood up to shake Keith’s hand.
The smirk Keith had on his face faded quickly as he shook John’s
hand. Josie made the introductions.
this is my friend Private John Flenn.,” she said as her voice
Keith said.
Freda returned from the kitchen with the glass of ice tea. She could
feel the mood of the room shift, quickly.
this is Keith, he is May’s father,” she said.
rushed from the room to wake May so that Keith would be able to hold
her. Mrs. Freda’s eyes became fixated on him. She could see the
vein popping out of his neck. It was obvious to her that he was
furious to see Josie there with another man.
would you like some sweet tea?” she asked him.
thank you.” he said with a great deal of restraint.
appeared from the back and placed May in Keith’s arm. He had not
seen her since the night she was born. She was big baby now. May
started crying soon as Josie put her in his arms. This only
infuriated Keith even more. Keith could not take it anymore. And
before anyone knew it, he jumped with the baby in his arms and headed
for the door.
are you going with my baby?” Josie asked
out of my way you whore!” he screamed.
jumped to his feet to protect Josie and the baby.
are not leaving with the child.” He said.
was careful as he grabbed Keith’s free arm.
better get your damn hands off me.” Keith said.
Freda moved towards Keith and said give me the baby. You don’t want
that kind of trouble.
stared at the baby for a second and handed her to Mrs. Freda. John
followed him out of the door.
ain’t nobody.” Keith shouted at John.
stood at the side of her man. She was wishing that he just get in his
truck and drive away. Keith did not intend to leave quietly.
ain’t nothing but a punk!” he continued to shout.
did not utter a word because he did not want another confrontation.
But that quickly changed when he began to curse Josie.
he said.
had left Josie’s side before she could call his name. Even if she
had it was too late. The two men were now in a fistfight. Both men
matched blow_ for_ blow. Keith being a marine had more skill. Josie
could see the fight turning in favor of Keith. She was almost frozen
and not knowing what to do. Mrs. Freda appeared with her shotgun and
fired off one around. The two men stopped in their tracks. The
children came screaming and hollering from the back. Now Mrs. Freda
had her sight on Keith.
had better get off my property,” she said.
straightened himself up and walked over to his truck. He spit on the
ground just before leaving. Josie rushed to John’s side. She could
see how upset he was.
are you O.K.?” she asked.
fine!” he snapped.
Freda did not like the way he said this.
man, I think you better be leaving now, because Keith is crazy enough
to comeback,” she said.
walked over to his car and Josie followed with her head down. She was
so embarrassed by the entire incident. John turned around to look at
her in the eyes. He lifted her chin. “Haven’t I told you not to
hide your beautiful eyes from me.” he said. Josie managed to give
his a slight smile.
worry it is not your fault.” he said.
leaned forward and kissed her good-bye. Josie stood on the porch
alone, retreating inside.
was listening to music as he drove down highway 309. He was trying to
calm down while listening to music. Then he noticed a truck driving
up fast and close to his bumper. John began to speed up to try to get
away from the truck. He kept checking his rearview mirror and finally
realized that it was Keith. John felt it as Keith rammed the back of
his car with the truck. John slid off the road into a ditch. He was a
little bit dazed but he soon saw Keith running towards his car. Keith
had lit a bottle of vodka that he had in his truck. John saw the
flames gushing from the white rag. He knew he had to move quickly.
John managed to get out the passenger seat window. Just as he did, he
heard the bottle crash against the car. Keith realized that John had
escaped the car. He ran back towards his truck to get his rifle. By
the time he returned he could no longer see John in the rows of
cotton that never seemed to end.
spit on the ground as John’s car went up in flames. He was so proud
of the fact that he had taken something from him. John stopped
running somewhere in the middle of the field. He had a watchful eye
as he headed back towards the road. He took off his military jacket
and started walking back towards Josie’s house. He was only about
six miles away and it would not take him that long. John walked at a
rapid pace as he continued to look over his shoulder.


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