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Journey After School
by Jasmine Sheffield

About the Author:
Jasmine, a loving mother and wife, is a resident of Virginia. She is a
graduate of Florida A&M University where she received a B.S. in Computer
Information Systems. She went on to receive her M.S. in Management Information
Systems from University of Illinois Springfield. Although she has a passion for
technology, her greatest love is helping her peers with their careers and
Book Genre- Self-Help
Publisher – Our Journey Publishing
Release Date – 1/9/2013

Graduating from college is easy when compared to the effort of getting
hired after graduation. Once hired, maintaining your professionalism and
managing your finances can be challenging. Journey after School seeks to
provide guidance for new graduates. Like the syllabus provided by a professor
at the beginning of a semester, Journey after School is a brief, easy read.


You’ve proven you have the skills, experience, and personality to join
the company. From the first day on the job, you have to perform and do it
professionally. For young professionals, a challenge will be proving that you
are capable of performing the job. You are no longer in college and should not
give your colleagues the impression that you are a student.

Appearances are important, and just like at your interview, you should wear
appropriate attire to work. The business attire you wore to the interview may
not be required for your office; therefore, it is important to ask your
recruiter or hiring manager about the dress code. As you begin working, you can
observe your colleagues and determine how formal or casual they dress.

In school, classes had a defined schedule, but in your career, you may
not have a specific schedule. Many employers expect that you will be at work at
a reasonable time and do all of your hours for the day. If you have the luxury
of choosing your own schedule, be mindful of your company’s core business
hours. Typically, the core hours 
are defined between a start and finish time like 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
If your schedule is predefined, be sure you are punctual. 

You are not expected
to work non-stop when you arrive at work, but you should minimize your
downtime. When you are away from your workstation for an extended period of
time, you should inform someone that you will be away. Your colleagues should not
have to search for you and should never question whether you have actually
worked all of your scheduled hours. 

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  1. Unknown says:

    Sounds like a great book for the young kids of today. I have 3 in college and could definitely learn about what to expect in the real world from this book.Thanks for sharing and good luck on your tour.

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