Interview with novelist J.M. Anton

guest is novelist
Jackie Anton. Reviews
and Interviews is just one stop in Jackie’s virtual book tour for her novel
Fateful Waters.
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Jackie. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
As an
accomplished equestrian with a lifetime of experience: as trainer, exhibitor,
4-H and youth club coach, as well as a horse show judge, I am able bring many
years of experience working with horses and young riders to my “Backyard Horse
Tales.” Traveling extensively has given me many opportunities to research life
in other parts on the country, and get to know their residents.
Please tell
us about your current release.
Fateful Waters was my NaNoWriMo 2011 winning
competition novel. This writing challenge is sponsored by the Office of Letters
and Light. The characters took hold of their direction and after the word count
of 50,000 words was reached I had to rein them in. Almost a year later the
novel came out in print.
Melinda Potter and Alexandra Parker, across the country, as the friends travel
from their home on the shores of Lake Erie to the drought-stricken state of
Texas. After graduation from The Ohio State University, Melinda has a date with
an online Romeo. Lexie, who is supposed exert a moderating influence on her
impulsive friend, winds up in a hospital where she wakes to everyone calling
her Mrs. Ross. She doesn’t have a clue how she got there, or who Mr. Ross is.
What inspired
you to write this book?
family lived in the Texas Panhandle when I was still in elementary school. We
still have family there struggling through the draught. That and the current
online dating trend sparked the idea of sending two Ohio raised college grads
to Texas to meet with an online match.
“Are you in a
hurry to be hamburger? I could have run you over in this blinding rain! Now,
look, you’ve killed Mel’s Cadillac.” The beast wouldn’t move out of the road.
Pushing on its rump didn’t accomplish anything, nor did smacking it on the hip.
That little bout of temper left her with a stinging hand.
The white
face was halter-less—it’s not a horse,
she reminded herself—and she didn’t have a rope or even a belt. Now nearly
knee-deep in slop, she stood there, hands on her hips, glaring at the cow.
While she was assessing the situation, the cow let out a bellow. A small echo
bounced back from a few feet away. Lexie spotted a small calf stuck in the mud.
All that was visible was the head and a small portion of its back. The little
one was sinking in a run-off of muck that had flowed from the slightly higher
terrain behind it.
She removed
her navy jacket that had matched her now trashed slacks. Lexie waded closer to
the calf, hoping she didn’t sink along with it. Keeping a wary eye on its
watchful mother, she slipped the jacket around the calf’s neck and gave a tug.
She managed to raise its head a little higher, but it was stuck and could not
get any traction to assist in its rescue attempt. Giving a little stronger tug
she lost her own traction. She was sitting on her butt in the mud, propping up
the small creature’s head when the ghost riders just appeared from out of the
exciting story are you working on next?
am again trying my hand at the writing challenge. My 2012 entry involves a
young woman who lost her family and at a young age goes to live with her
maternal Grandmother. She finds out that she is an heiress via mail from a
Denver law office. Casey discovers that she was not an orphan and sets out to
find out why she was abandoned.
Writing life: My writing
life is pretty diverse; I author adult romance and adventure novels under the
pen of J.M. Anton. As Jackie Anton I author the popular Backyard Horse Tale
series. Backyard Horse Tales: Sox 2nd Edition was awarded the
prestigious Mom’s Choice Award of Excellence for Family- Friendly Media. Based
on reviews, I have high hopes for Fateful Waters as an entry in 2013 writing
When did you
first consider yourself a writer?
only been recently that I was willing to call myself a writer, and now an
author. I think my first short stories were written in junior high, and have
developed from there.
Do you write
full-time? If so, what’s your work day like?
days inspiration takes a holiday. On those occasions I turn to editing, and
usually that will usually get the creative juices flowing.
What would
you say is your interesting writing quirk?
I have several projects going at a time. If one group of characters won’t
cooperate, I work with the group willing talk to me on that day.
As a child,
what did you want to be when you grew up?
a young child I wanted to be a cowboy! How does that country song go? I wanted
to ride with Gene and Roy.
additional you want to share with the readers?
fun I usually ride my horse. I love to read, bake, and sketch or paint. I love
to hear from readers. They can contact me at I try to
answer all fan e-mail.
Also, there’s a 10% discount through my book’s website, and also
through the “Backyard Horse Tales”
. The discount code to use at checkout for each is 1DepCart0.

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