Virtual tour promo for inspirational author Yales Smith

Today is a virtual book bash tour stop for Yales Smith for his book Goal Driven Women with Virtual Book Tour Cafe.

As part of the tour, Yales is giving away surprise Amazon and Starbucks gift cards during the tour, for $10-$20. To be entered for a chance to win, use the form below.

The fun doesn’t end there. If you purchase the book and are the first to crack the
secret code in the book, you could also win $1,000. 

Leave a review on Amazon for an extra entry and don’t forget to click the “Like” button while you’re there. Just add GDW at the end of your review and Yales will include an extra entry when tallying total reviews.

Most importantly, Yales is donating part of the proceeds of this
book to Breast Cancer Awareness.

Welcome, Yales. Please tell us a little about yourself.
Hello. I am originally from Fort Worth, Texas however; I have
resided in Houston, Texas for the last seven years. I am an educator, father,
veteran, supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness, and a lover of life. I believe
that everyone has a purpose in life and you are either living your purpose or
you are still trying to find yourself.

Ways to connect with me include: Blog | Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter

You have the ability to create whatever life you want if you are
willing to work hard (pg 1).
Over the next several years women will make significant educational
accomplishments, and I believe that you will be one of them (pg 19).
One of the most transformational events that will take place over the
next few years will be women assuming more leadership roles (pg 29).
It is important that women have a life outside of work and family so
that they will be able to have a healthy state of mind (33).
As women continue to advance they will be able to make their mark in
whatever new technological changes that will shape their future (pg69).
Women today can no longer put of investing in order to get a pedicure
or manicure (pg 85).
Whenever two people come together, there needs to be some honest
discussion about what their expectations are for marriage (pg106).

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