Interview with paranormal romance novelist Casey Wyatt

Today’s guest is paranormal romance novelist Casey Wyatt to share a bit about her newest novel, The Undead Space Initiative, as she virtually travels on a book tour.

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Wyatt has no personal knowledge of the paranormal, but she hopes someday that
may change. If there are ancient Gods, elves, or satyrs living nearby, they’re
more than welcome to visit. Bring pizza and chocolate please!
paranormal romance and urban fantasy novels have won or placed in numerous RWA
contests. When not writing, Casey enjoys time with her family, loves to read,
and enjoys knitting and crocheting.

lives in a bustling Connecticut town with her husband, two sons, and an
assortment of pets (none of which are shape-shifters).
Casey on the web:
or at You can also find
Casey on Facebook, Twitter (@CaseyWyatt1), and Tumblr
Welcome, Casey. Please tell
us about your current release.
My current
release is a paranormal romance called The Undead Space Initiative.
It’s a
paranormal romance about a vampire stripper named Cherry Cordial. Cherry
rescues a vampire hottie named Ian McDevitt from a gang of blood thirsty
revenants and soon regrets it. When the vampire queen is murdered, she and Ian
are the number one suspects. Her only chance: escape to Mars, where she has a
chance to survive, or remain on Earth and die for sure.
inspired you to write this book?
distinctly remember the moment, while I was driving my car when the idea popped
into my head – vampire stripper, Cherry Cordial, has to flee to Mars. I was in
the process of writing another paranormal, Mystic Ink (my first published
novel), so I had to set the idea aside for a while. But Cherry stuck with me
and I just had to write to book. I didn’t care if no one wanted to buy it, she
was too fun to resist.
Reality settled in. We were leaving the Earth. I’d
be strapped into a tube and hurtled into space. If we survived the journey, I’d
be on my way to Mars.
 My kneecaps
dissolved to water. I clutched the railing, trying to calm my stomach and stay
“You don’t have to go, Cherry,” Ian said from
behind me.
I stiffened. His offer seemed more tempting by the
minute, yet I couldn’t abandon my family. “I’m afraid to board the ship. But I
can’t disobey my sire.”
“You could ask him to emancipate you. You’re plenty
old enough.”
“Why are you still here?” Old enough? No woman
likes to be told she’s old. Especially when it’s true.
“Concerned is all,” he shrugged and joined me by
the railing. He stared out, side profile as handsome as the full frontal.
“Don’t be. I’m a big girl,” I chirped with way more
bravado than I felt. Now I knew what Alice experienced when she fell into the
rabbit hole. Afraid, confused. Freaked out. I reminded myself Jonathan was a
great leader. Even though we had our personal baggage, he would do his best to
ensure we survived. He hadn’t let us down yet.
Heavy machines moved into position. The workers
unlatched more hoses, wires and mechanical items from the ship’s side. Blood
pounded in my head, caused by my tight jaw and grinding teeth.
“I didn’t mean to offend. Or imply Jonathan can’t
defend you.” Ian’s voice softened. The low tone made my toes curl. “I hoped we
could prove our innocence together.”
exciting story are you working on next?
I just
completed a paranormal romance called Misfortune Cookie. Here’s a peek:
Radiance Ashworth inherits the family fortune and a nasty supernatural curse,
life as she knows it is over forever. Instead of luxurious pampering, she’s
stuck chasing wayward spirits and sending them back to the Hereafter. Her new
normal consists of ectoplasmic goo, bruises, and ruined clothes.
she doesn’t have to navigate the supernatural world alone. Luca, sexy,
confident, and so damn tempting, is happy to guide her – if she’d only accept
his help.  She quickly learns how much
she needs his assistance just to stay alive, when a Jiang Shi – a vengeful
Chinese spirit – starts systematically murdering the city’s elite businessmen.
While the Jiang Shi proves to be a formidable opponent, Radiance finds the
growing attraction between her and Luca to be even scarier.
I’m also in
trying to complete Mystic Storm, the next book after Mystic Ink.
When did
you first consider yourself a writer?
back in the mid-nineties when I first started seriously writing. But really, I
didn’t feel like a real writer until last year when I sold my first book and
started telling family and friends. Prior to that, very few people knew I was
writing. I didn’t like to talk about it and face the inevitable questions
(“What’s your book about? Are you finished with it yet?”). For a while, I
stopped writing so I always felt like a failure if someone I’d told remembered
and brought it up. After I sold my book, naturally, there was a bit of surprise
from the relatives. Now, I’m peppered with questions like “how well is the book
doing?” “Have you sold a lot?” I just laugh it off and say “I don’t know, I
have to wait for my publisher to tell me.” 
Do you
write full-time? If so, what’s your work day like? If not, what do you do other
than write and how do you find time to write?
Sadly, I
have a necessary day job that I must work before any writing gets done.
Fortunately, I work from home so my commute consists of changing rooms and
computers. I usually get a few hours a day to write. I actually spend more time
plotting my books than writing them. Even with 2 or 3 hours a night I can get a
novel completed in about 6 weeks.
What would
you say is your interesting writing quirk?
Hmm. I’m
not sure that I have one. I don’t know if this counts as a quirk, but I like to
write alone. I can’t sit in a room with other people and just write. I’m pretty
chatty so having my friends around is too big a temptation. And I think it
reminds me too much of school, when we used to have to write essays on demand!
As a child,
what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to
be several different things depending on my age at the time. For a while I
wanted to be a biologist, then an astronomer, but I loved art and writing best
of all. I thought I would go to art school in college, but I talked myself out
of it. If I had to name one regret in life that would be it.
additional you want to share with the readers?
I love to
meet readers and make new friends. You can find me hanging around on Facebook,
at my blog or on Twitter. Please drop by and say hello. Thank you so much for
having me as your guest today!

12 thoughts on “Interview with paranormal romance novelist Casey Wyatt

  1. Sandra de Helen says:

    I'm enjoying hopping to all these blogs for your interviews, Casey. I never thought of writing alone as a quirk, but reading author interviews where authors can write in almost any situation makes me think you and I are quirky indeed! lol When I was a pre-teen, I used to climb high in a tree to be alone to write because being alone was at a premium, and such a necessity for me. Now I know you'd have been on another limb in that tree. 🙂

  2. Casey Wyatt says:

    Yes Sandra! I did used to climb the apple tree in my front yard to escape! Wow. I haven't thought about that for ages. And yes, we could definitely share a tree limb!

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