Review of Love Always Prevails by Marguerite Ashton

Genre: Christian Fiction
Title: Love Always Prevails
Author: Marguerite Ashton

Devin Williams didn’t start dating until she was eighteen. Raised in a Christian home, sex before marriage, among other things, was in the “do not do” category. By her nineteenth birthday, unwed Devin finds herself pregnant and strongly encouraged to marry the baby’s father. Even though it wasn’t the most perfect way to begin a marriage, Devin imagines a house surrounded by a yard and a white picket fence and filled with a loving husband and kids.

Love Always Prevails is a story about a woman who takes her wedding vows, given in front of God and family, as a lifetime contract. Her parents are active and involved in her life over the years and those of her three children, as Devin deals with the ups and downs of her marriage.

The author’s choice of using first person for most of the novel brings the reader into the story immediately. It reads as a memoir, especially due to the Prologue and Epilogue, but also due to the experiences the main character deals with and works through. The chapters are kept short and time passes within the novel at varying lengths from days to months to years in no particular rhythm. Devin is a natural character with flaws, but also one filled with compassion, endless optimism, and determination to live the life where love always prevails.

Marguerite Ashton hails from Colorado and now lives in Wisconsin. She is the author of two previous books: Taylini: A Family Saga and Traci’s Story. She has a passion for writing crime and suspense novels, as well as screenwriting. She is a registered screenwriter with the Writer’s Guild of America.

Love Always Prevails is a strong Christian-based story that shows a person can heal and move past the worst of times and that there is always hope for a better tomorrow if one believes in it enough. It is a good read. Reviewer: Lisa Haselton, Allbooks Reviews,

Publisher: Hi Skool Books, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1449919450
Pages: 218
Price: $20.00

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