A Different Kind of Chat at TWC on 8/8/10

A Different Kind of Chat
Due to computer problems, Sunday’s guest had to cancel on short notice. This gives us the chance to try something a bit different.

Sunday, we will have a critique chat. Would you like a crit from the entire chatroom? Then follow the guidelines EXACTLY.



Email audrey@writerschatroom.com 200-300 words from your work. Paste your submission into the email.

Copy this list and put it at the beginning of the email, with your answers:

Format (short story, novel, etc):
Name you intend to publish under:
Name you use in the chatroom:

Submissions that follow the guidelines will be used in the order they are received. I don’t know how many we will get through, but the queue starts when the first correct submission is received.

I strongly suggest you submit polished work. Most of our chatters are aiming for publication. To get there, you have to be able to handle honest critiques. I will not allow personal attacks, but problems in the writing will be openly discussed.

Fiction, nonfic, essay…doesn’t matter. I recommend trying to get an entire scene into 300 words. Full scenes will probably get better crits.

Why only 300 words? More than that will scroll off the screen too quickly. People need to be able to read it, to give a good crit.

Please try to be on time for this chat. Crosstalk, including greetings, will be kept to a bare minimum. Make sure you have floated and enlarged your screen in chat, so you can keep up.

Here we go…let’s see how many of you have learned to write well and follow submission guidelines. First submission up for crits is…

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Eastern USA Time…..7 PM

Not sure what time that is wherever in the world you are? http://www.worldtimeserver.com


The Writers Chatroom at: http://www.writerschatroom.com/Enter.htm

Scroll down to the Java box. It may take a moment to load. Type in the name you wish to be known by, and click Login. No password needed.

Please note: The chatroom is only open for regularly scheduled chats.

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