Review – Soul by Tobsha Learner

Two women, one living in the mid-1800’s, the other in early 2000, have a lot in common, including their husbands’ betrayals and perhaps a killer DNA gene.

Lavinia was intrigued with James Huntington’s scientific research. The fact that he was more than twice her age didn’t stop her from falling in love and winning him over with her insatiable intellectual curiosity. Their marriage fulfilled her dreams and bearing him a male heir made them the perfect family. In the present day, Professor Julia Huntington, a direct descendent of Lavinia and James, has just landed a dream DNA sponsorship with the Department of Defense. She discovers she’s pregnant with her first child and is still madly in love with her husband of over a decade. The events in the women’s lives parallel each other in an unsettling way and Julia is hoping to find resolution through her science.

Soul is a relaxing read. The author aptly separated the novel into three parts of the Garden of Eden tale: The Apple, The Serpent, and The Fall. The short chapters alternate between the women’s points of view, which keeps the reader focused on the women and their lives. The book’s many layers all relate to its overall theme of ‘nature vs. nurtur.’

Tobsha Learner, born and raised in England, has lived in Australia and the U.S. Her third book, the bestselling The Witch of Cologne, was her first work of historical fiction. She has had a collection of short stories published before each of her novels.

I recommend Soul to anyone interested in a good story with intriguing female characters. Soul grasps right to the unpredictable end.

Title: Soul
Author: Tobsha Learner
Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates
ISBN: 978-0-7653-2010-0
Pages: 424
Price: $14.95

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