Review – Choices Meant for Kings by Sandy Lender

Choices Meant for Kings
Written by: Sandy Lender
Rated: Excellent (*****)
Review by: Lisa Haselton

Twenty-year-old Amanda Chariss has a lot of responsibility weighing on her young shoulders. She has been appointed as The Master’s Protector and must keep the god safe from coming to harm as the prophecies proclaim.

Long-time friend and companion, Hrazon has been on the run with Chariss for years. They find themselves now residing at Hleo-Arcana as guests of the Taiman’s. Chariss has sworn to protect centuries-old Rhone Taiman from all possible enemies. Her vow to Nigel Taiman to be his wife is centermost in her mind, but must not take priority in her life at the moment.

With enemies powerful in casting spells, Chariss longs to have use of her gaesa’n abilities again, but until then she must trust her gut instincts and experience. She also knows she can rely on her wizard, her betrothed, and her dragon to be there when she needs them. Her ability to win over warriors with a smile and light manner is balanced with her spectacular swordsmanship of which no one can best.

Sandy Lender grabs the reader by the hand and pulls him along until the finish with her exception writing style. The quick-witted dialogue keeps the story moving along at such a clip that the reader is grateful for a pause so he can catch his breath. Lender creates a fantasy world with gods and goddesses, dragons and wizards, swords and daggers, love and betrayal, that feels incredibly real. The characters are multi-dimensional and quite interesting. Lender’s style makes it seem like you’re watching a movie rather than reading a book.

Sandy Lender’s second novel and second in the Choices trilogy, Choices Meant for Kings, picks up just after Choices Meant for Gods. She has an English degree from Truman University and has been in the magazine publishing and public relations/marketing field for numerous years. She finds herself needing to stay extremely organized in order to make time for writing. She is hard at work on the final book in this trilogy and plans a prequel. You can read more at Sandy’s writing and marketing blog.

I highly recommend any lovers of fantasy read Choices Meant for Kings. The fantastic world is as real as its characters. The action and dialogue move you along a fantastic thrill ride that is as curvy and treacherous as paths along a steep mountainside. Make sure you have time set aside because once you start reading this book, you won’t be able to put it down. There is never a dull moment.

Title: Choices Meant for Kings
Author: Sandy Lender
Publisher: ArcheBooks Publishing
ISBN: 978-159507-219-1
Pages: approx. 323
Price: $27.99

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